Buster Cornelius

Buster Cornelius is a blues singer and harp player, with more than twenty years’ experience playing live in/at/on pubs, blues clubs, social clubs, working men’s clubs, cricket clubs, rugby clubs, football clubs, snooker clubs, hockey clubs, rowing clubs, hotels, motels, Holiday Inns, barbecues, beach parties, hootenannies, blues festivals, garden parties, regattas, wine bars, town centres, holiday camps, caravan sites, pleasure boats, museums, weddings, christenings, living rooms, bedrooms, waiting rooms, radio and TV… to name but a few!

He has fronted several blues, soul and funk bands over the past couple of decades, including: The Johnsons, KGB, The Soul Agents, Chain Gang, Funky Pie and The Mississippi Bullfrogs.

Buster is available for bookings for session work, his one-man harmonica review, blues harp tuition, or for appearances with The Buster Cornelius Trio or The Mississippi Bullfrogs.

For more details, please email harping.on@bustercornelius.co.uk

Who is Buster?

Buster Cornelius was born Stephen Fuller in 1966, at that renowned hotbed of the Blues, Croydon, Surrey.

He got hooked on the blues at a tender age upon hearing You’ll Be Mine by Howlin’ Wolf on Roger Scott’s Cruisin’ programme on Capital Radio.

He took up the harp in his late teens and was mentored by local blues legend, Rod Garfield, without whose sage counsel and expert guidance, Buster admits he would probably still be struggling with Oh Susanna and She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain.

Over the past twenty years, Buster’s various bands have supported several well-known acts, including: Jools Holland, Jimmy Witherspoon and Mick Clark.

Buster’s idol is the great Sonny Boy Williamson (II), but he has developed his own style, also drawing on the influences of Little Walter, Howlin’ Wolf, Walter Horton, Sonny Terry and Snooky Pryor.

When not playing the Blues, Buster is an accomplished 8-ball pool player – a sure sign of a misspent youth! He has played at national level and won several prestigious events over the years.

Buster’s alter ego, Stephen Fuller, had his first book, Fuller’s Dictionary of Daffynitions, published at the end of 2008.


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