The Mississippi Bullfrogs

The Mississippi Bullfrogs, back row, left to right: Ed Caddick, Gary Pollington, Simon Manze; front row: Buster Cornelius, Mark Lambert

Formed in 1999, The Mississippi Bullfrogs play a mix of R ‘n’ B (the real stuff, a la Big Joe Turner, LaVern Baker and Bobby Bland, rather than the modern nonsense that has little or nothing to do with either ‘rhythm’ or ‘blues’) swing, jump and Chicago blues.

The Mississippi Bullfrogs are:

Buster Cornelius – vocals, blues harp
Simon Manze – guitar
Gary Pollinton – guitar
Ed Caddick – bass
Mark Lambert – drums

They pride themselves on, perhaps, being the only band in the UK whose name contains four sets of double letters!


3 Responses to The Mississippi Bullfrogs

  1. bovidiva says:

    Good lord, is that Ed Caddick from Cherwell? He taught chemistry and every girl in the class (including me) had a crush on him 😉

    • Hi,

      That is indeed Mr Caddick, chemistry master and bass player extraordinaire. I kept trying to persuade him to get us a gig at one of your end of term bashes. But he was always reluctant. Lawd knows why.

      Anyway, all the best. I’ll mention that you sent a message and remembered him.


  2. bovidiva says:

    Ha, fabulous! Difficult to believe it’s almost 20 years since A-levels, back when atoms were groovy – or maybe they still are?

    Can’t imagine why he wouldn’t have wanted to play in front of terminally-cynical students… But do let me know if any gigs over the summer – would be fun to catch up.

    Thanks re: message 🙂


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