The Original Buster

Buster Cornelius took his name from a track on the second album by The Colorblind James Experience, Why Should I Stand Up?, recorded on Gold Castle Records in 1989.

Buster Cornelius was the third track on side one of the album, which was a more-than-worthy follow-up to the band’s magnificent debut album, The Colorblind James Experience, recorded two years earlier. Unfortunately, the band’s inspirational lead vocalist and songwriter, Chuck Cuminale passed away on 10th July, 2001, but not before producing some wonderfully witty, original and uplifting songs and acquiring a loyal cult following.

–     –
Buster Cornelius (J C Cuminale)

Buster Cornelius was an honest man
But he ruled his people with an iron hand
Buster Cornelius was a regular Joe
But if you did him wrong, he’d let you know

Buster Cornelius was fine and upstanding
But to his people he was hard and demanding
He was always brave and never cruel
But don’t ever mistake him for a fool

Buster Cornelius stood four feet four
But to his people he was ten feet tall
Whether in battle or at the sacred altar,
He led them truly and never faltered

Buster Cornelius died at home
They say his age was forty-one
They carried him out of his modest room
And laid his body in a marble tomb

As heroes go, he was the best
Head and shoulders above the rest
And that’s why on the third of May,
We celebrate Buster Cornelius Day

Buster Cornelius by The Colorblind James Experience

Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, no live footage exists of The Colorblind James Experience performing Buster Cornelius. Here is the band, however, performing another splendid number, Dance Critters.


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